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Queen Regina
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Showtime Change

By Queen Regina, 2022-01-11

Hello Mixters,

Wow what a year in review and the New Year has kicked off to a big running start. 

As most of you know,  Tony and I  took December 2021 off from everything except home focus.  

We have returned ready to KICK the year into gear.  Our "Gigglefits Top 30 Pickhits Saturday Night Double Ball has move to MID-WEEK.   We will now be doing the Show on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS.   

As DJ's it is our honor to be here sharing, supporting, and being a part of the MIXTREAM RADIO Family of International Greatness.  

I, DJ Queen Regina, and DJ Tony C, The Gigglefits,  wish you all a peaceful happy prosperous year and filled with love and music.  Lets get creative Artists..  I look so forward to hearing all of the 2022 new music and news that will happen.  And we all love and appreciate the music archived over time here.  This is a hot honey hole of far over a decade to greatness to appreciate and ever growing.... 

God Bless and be with us all..

Queen Regina.

PS.  See Ya'll Wednesday NIght. 8 PM, EST.