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Queen Regina
Queen Regina


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@hooyoosay, 09/14/22 07:19:51AM
Congratulations with your birthday!
Have a wonderful time.
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@Figures At Dawn, 04/08/22 02:03:14AM
Cant thank everyone enough for making Figures At Dawn the artist of the month for April. I've posted another song. It has been great to go back to these 37 year old recordings. And I've found some old photos which I'm posting to the gallery. Take care and I'll see you in the chat room.
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@Rollin Jewett, 11/12/21 11:25:44PM
Hi Regina! From Rollin Jewett
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@Nebulon, 07/16/21 11:08:49AM
Hey Queen Regina,
I know you are a good artist and vocalist too.
I'll be back soon, you can have the .wav file of my song "friend" if you want to add some lyrics if I understood.
I've been very busy today.
You can send me an email ? I will reply with a host system to share the file...I just need an email and I'll do that...I'm really tired now...I will check your answer soon.
I have to say it's a pleasure for me to have a vocal edit of my song...you can keep it on this site as I fullfilled my free account there.
I'm not making music for fame or money.
I know there are artist that really do better than me.
Thanks for you interest in my work, together we are stronger ;-)