The Bearded Lady ! Sings !

album: Period
genre: Art Rock
streams: 171

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The Bearded Lady tells you the story of the death of her true love....a very moving story it is...unfortunately the wind blew her beard (it's a live...
The Bearded Lady ! Sings !
Lyrical Princess
04/24/09 03:21:52PM @lyrical-princess:
First off.. I hope I don't offend anyone when I say "that is one ugly lady".. Remind me to always be in control of my facial hair will ya ?.. hehehe... I'm really liking the instrumental in this.. Especially the drums.. And I agree with Melsi, you never let the listener down.. I do wish you'd post the lyrics though.. You are always so creative.. Really enjoyed this.. All The Best, Linda
04/24/09 11:09:56AM @mel:
Hi Eric, just love the strength of this sound right from the first beat! The drums are just amazing, and as always love your unique style and sound. I agree with G, your voice has a sort of Lennon sound. Wonderful music here Eric, you never fail to entertain the listener. Loved this, Melsi
04/24/09 07:12:21AM @dazed:
Man the low end on this tune is awesome. Also digging the guitar playing. Excellent job on the solos! Vocals are working well here. Enjoyed the tune Eric!
04/23/09 04:56:57PM @slowmarchingband:
Now this is a wild one!! I wasn't sure what I was in for when the big verbed drums started. All the instrumentation works very well together. Classic sounds with some different twists that hald my ears! Excellent!


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