Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen

I don't want to see you around here no more

album: Mubla Wen
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creation date: 2017-04-18

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Hey Dace man or any person wanting to add to this would be great - cheers Pete
I don't want to see you around here no more
04/25/17 08:46:53PM @red-sheppen:
Jims Artificial Earth:
Pete, I love hearing you play the guitar. There, I've said it. You have a totally unique approach to the guitar as a melodic instrument.
I am so glad to have you as a friend in all things as well as music Jim...a real pleasure for me to read your reviews - lifts me up and makes it all worth it.
I try and create things from a feeling from scratch and see how it all goes...can't wait to get recording again properly. It is a great outlet to sit and create - i have been playing a lot lately so hope i have improved a little :)


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