Chill - A song for Rob

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This song is for Rob. Thinking of you mate and wishing you well.
Chill - A song for Rob
04/16/08 06:21:12PM @mark-cloutier:
hello robbo--love that clean twanging guitar sound--oh yeah crisp and spot on--enjoy the many different stylings on this site--some terriffic players-you are one--damn nice!! mark
04/12/08 08:45:07PM @robert-smith:
Hi Pete - thats my POD TONE!!!! (LOL,LOL,LOL). I actually put it together for a bit of a jazzy sound but it works fine in this style. I can send you the set up if you like! This tune was just for Rob, and I just wanted to express a certain feel. This is what came out.

I've got nothing on Christer!

I'll go pull my head in now.


04/06/08 11:07:03PM @cj-hyde:
This is a nice clean track. I like the brushes on the drums. Great melody flows very nice Good job
Rob Grant
03/31/08 07:28:58PM @rayon-vert:
ROBBO !!!! THANK YOU!!! I just can't get over the feelings of support I have gotten.......and it will be LONG before I do, with this host of songs, all dedicated to my recovery. Each song has a growing meaning to me, as I will continiue to listen to my CD'S. Rob, you truely are one of my fave guitarists here and I am honored to have this fine wine song, dedicated to me. Your thoughts and concern are felt and MUCH APPRECIATED!! THANK YOU!!!
The other Rob

Michael Yablonski
03/30/08 11:20:37AM @michael-yablonski:
Rob, great song for Rob. Schweeeet clean tones, you have a wonderful guitar style, much enjoyed.
03/30/08 10:22:41AM @ijenneh:
We really admire your quality of recording, so crystal clear. Beautiful playing! Enjoyed the listen
03/22/08 02:20:08PM @bri-an:
ooouuu man. this is slick...silky smooth playing and presentation. Enjoyed large.
03/22/08 05:37:28AM @chrickon:
Great melodies and groove on this Rob !You know i love your clean tone !
A very tasteful performance.
Excellente !!

03/21/08 06:27:53PM @wrightdude:
sweet! very tasty! very nice touch on the fretboard!
03/21/08 06:09:49PM @rob-hanlon:
Smooooooooth and tasty! Very nicely done Rob.
03/21/08 04:46:07PM @diva:
All the guys who hang out at Guitar Cenetr need to take a lesson from you, my friend. You know the type. Go to GC any day, any week, any hour of the day, and it sounds like the same guys are there playing the same mega metal distorted garbage.

This song kicks you in the groin without all the distractions. Solid, powerful. Love this instrumental a lot, and I'm sure Rob will enjoy this, too. Goes to show you don't need a wall of Marshalls cranked to 14 to get your message heard (and with feeling!). Nice work.

03/21/08 03:00:47PM @soundtrapper:
Another great one with your signature style. Rob's gonna love it.
03/21/08 01:09:22PM @ab1:
awesome beat bobbo.. know i'm gonna love it.. great clean delays tonage brother.. this is an instant new fave man.. great changes damn.. but that clean FXed tone is to die for.. just awesome rob.. man that bluesin is off the funk hook dude.. told you your next would be our best..acountant phd you may be but this track makes your soulful guitar mastery plain to see.. love that poppin sound man.. funked out to the max.. brilliant style.. make rob smile.. for quite a while.. cheers robbo..
stephan foster
03/21/08 01:02:52PM @stephan-foster:
Chill it said - and chill Ii did. Great!

03/21/08 10:25:51AM @tcp:
Hey Rob...excellent playing and very subtle feelings here. Great chill out piece. And I agree with the references to Eric Johnson. Very tasty and sweet. Rob will no doubt enjoy this...thanks for sharing. ~Blake
03/21/08 09:03:04AM @michael-nunley:
Sweet! That's a great groove and some very tasteful playing !
03/21/08 08:43:31AM @george-shepherd:
Loving the clean playing, Rob!!!! EJ Strat?????? Makes me want to buy one.

This is just great. Rob will love it.

You're not an EJ fan are you??? :)


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