Ambient jam BT

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Ambient jam BT
10/02/10 12:28:56PM @mark-reed:
This is a very sweet piece, nice easy backing supporting a very well played guitar line. Great little tune well done
07/13/08 12:19:21PM @ked-records:
THere is that ever present ROBOTONE.. man you just lay the atmosphere on here like honey pouring from a jar. Speed is one thing.. but to be able to speak fast and be understood now.. THAT is HUGE!..Rob.. again man.. you are one of my handfull of faves at Mixposure
Thanks for your incredible music

12/06/07 04:25:24AM @diva:
I don't how I missed not finding you before, but I'm glad I stumbled onto this. Very cool guitar work -- love the harmony guitar solo. Damn, you can play, and your playing is very expressive and soulful. Good tone in your fingers, amigo.

Well done!

Rob Grant
12/03/07 05:11:20AM @rayon-vert:
Very glad I got back around. WHEW!! So much to listen to. This track is AWESOME. The harmony guitar theme work is sweet. Your leads and production are FANTASTIC!! Hey!! Thanks for sharing your music. I MUCH Appreciate it.

11/29/07 05:42:03AM @shane:
dang,, i just typed an awesome review for this track- and it all dumped. The plus side, is i can listen to this again while i re-type. I was uplifted by your words,,, they really got through my insecurities and into my brain.,, i guess i won't quit music today after all. LOL.. Thought i'd come and return the fav of a listen,, and BANG!!! I'm hit with this Ambient jam. Really love it. This composition , comes in and throws into the listeners mind a vision. and the track rips and sooths. It's cool. gotta hear more.

11/20/07 08:32:36AM @ab1:
stopped in for another listen.. i love this one too.. like all you do.. and give you a 5 cause that rating was jive.. music like this keeps my hopes alive.. that great music will survive.. :-)
11/12/07 07:43:00PM @tcp:
I'm going to go along with the SMOOTH comment. Flowing, emotional and right on! Thanks for sharing. Awesome guitar work on a solid song. ~Blake
11/12/07 04:26:22PM @chrickon:
Hey Robert !
Your tone on this one is BURNIN and your take SMOOKIN :)
Really great.

11/09/07 07:19:31AM @omm:

11/09/07 07:13:27AM @omm:
HEY BRO, WELCOME TO IMS!!!!!!!!!!! :)


11/09/07 05:18:33AM @ab1:
yeah man.. I'm not disapointed.. lol.. this guitar guitar player loves a great player.. you got the tones and lines.. far too few players remind me of my man alan holdworth but your my friend are worthy of that distinction.. lotsa cats got chops but the harmony is something only the few bring to a higher level.. this was awesome bro..
glad i took a chance on joining your fanlist lol.. put me at the top of your list.. :-)

11/08/07 08:40:56AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Damn Rob, your playing always makes me feel so good!! This piece is no exception. Great choice of notes and the melody is killer!!
11/05/07 03:57:42PM @michael-nunley:
I love the guitar harmony lines. Impressive playing man. I wish my hands knew how to do that. WhatamIsaying? My hands probobly's my brain that doesn't go that fast

Nice work Mr. Smith !

sly puppy
11/05/07 03:44:07PM @emocion:
This one took ages too buffer.....that might be why you have recieved no reviews upto now.
The music itself is damned fine stuff ! the guitar gutsy and provoking...ambient jam ? more like ambient rock.
But the genre tag is not that important. Theplaying is great ,the guitar tone itself is a little swamped in reverb which is masking a great performance....can you pull back on the effect a little. The more subtle lead sound is much clearer and it cuts through the mix just right.

You can play a mean lick thats for sure and the backdrop is pretty serene too.


03/18/08 04:52:33PM @mike-s:
lovely track mate.


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