Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Heart With A Broken Girl

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  Song Lyrics
                   " Heart With A Broken Girl" We roll out of bed at seven we're off to work by nine eat alone at our desk come lunch time at twelve o'clock...
Heart With A Broken Girl
10/19/13 09:57:47AM @gene-smith:
Just listening on the Auto-DJ. On of my favorites of your songs Ron. A thing of beauty this is my friend.
07/20/13 05:08:34PM @durod:
Fantastic, mellow tune with great vocals and guitar work. You write some GREAT stuff! Thanks for the downloads too!
04/26/13 04:53:26PM @kalola-kiss:
This is a song that gives me goose bumps....right from the first words sung. I adore this.
04/26/13 12:56:02PM @ron-kauffman:
Awww...thank you Carol, what a great thing to say and I'm very happy that you enjoyed the song.
Farrell Jackson
04/27/13 09:22:56AM @farrell-jackson:
What a great song, performances, and the lyrical concept is very creative! "I'm a heart with a broken girl" is an excellent line...a real beauty of a song!


04/27/13 11:53:50AM @john-frederick:
love this song line and very well produced a very nice song great job.


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