Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

I Won't Need Ths Whiskey Anymore

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genre: OCR_Country_Song
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                   "I Won't Need The Whiskey Anymore"                                  V1: I've been sittin' here at this bar, staring at the whiskey in my...
I Won't Need Ths Whiskey Anymore
Lyrical Princess
05/12/13 01:16:05PM @lyrical-princess:
I love this song.. Everything about it. Starting with those Awesome lyrics.. Very sad, but make a Wonderful song to be proud of.. Vocals are clear (major plus) The music & melody ~ Everything works so well together..

All The Best,

05/18/13 03:26:03PM @the-truevulgarians:
Like the laid back vibe you have with this tune. I really enjoy all of your songs, Ron, and this is another keeper. You're an excellent songwriter and I'm a big fan...
05/11/13 06:52:18PM @john-frederick:
You make some very nice music. I havent heard one of yours i didnt like. This is another song well done.


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