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Ron Kauffman

Your Just Not The Same

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genre: Comedy
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                       " Your Just Not The Same" V1: It's sad but it's true I don't recognise you anymore after the Botox and the surgery you just don't...
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I put this in hoping to put a smile on Michaels face today.              Peqce, Ron
Your Just Not The Same
08/13/13 07:52:35PM @scotswolfe:
Had my first laugh of the day listening to You're Just Not The Same.Great sense of humor you have Ron.And the guitar playing is great also...really enjoyed this tune.Same reaction to The Boogerman too.Brought back childhood memories. Keep up the good work.
06/06/13 01:48:14PM @david-c-deal:
Entertaining, funny song. Nice work.

06/06/13 07:05:19PM @kalola-kiss:
06/06/13 02:09:23PM @ron-kauffman:
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the song. :) Thanks for the nice comments. Hopefully it will make Michael smile as well.


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