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The Boogerman

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"The Boogerman" There's somethin' in my closet deep in the gloom don't tell me nothin's there I can feel the hand of doom After the...
The Boogerman
02/21/14 05:41:56PM @bustert:
only two words: strong song!
08/13/13 05:09:16PM @ron-kauffman:
Linda....I'm glad you like this song. I have no clue why kids think such things, my thing was vampire's lol. Thank you for the nice comment, have a great day.
Lyrical Princess
08/13/13 05:05:31PM @lyrical-princess:
I wonder where kids get those ideas of someone being in their closets or under their beds.. I always hated turning off the lights, for fear something from under the bed might grab my ankles and pull me to my doom.(LoL).. No worries now, nobody could fit under my bed, And I have no closet doors. So nothing or nobody can be lurking around.. haha ~
Sorry Ron, I'm always making someones song personal. Probably because I can relate. ;)
Silly or not, You made another Awesome song.. I really enjoyed this.. I love the lyrics you come up with.. But I think even Peter Pan would freak me out.. (LoL) And How bout' those tights and ragged skirt? I always thought that was a bit peculiar too..

All The Best,

08/13/13 01:50:39PM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks TV...I'm glad you enjoyed the song. Its just something I wrote for fun.
08/13/13 12:47:37PM @the-truevulgarians:
Fun and clever tune Ron! Beware the Boogerman! (I wondered what kind of traces you might find of him, fortunately none which could have been eradicated with a Kleenex!) Always enjoy your songs. Keep 'em comin!
08/12/13 04:26:22PM @ron-kauffman:
I'm glad you enjoyed it Gene :)
08/11/13 09:13:43PM @gene-smith:
Ha! Ha! Ron I love this!
08/11/13 07:56:53PM @ron-kauffman:
When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that whenever I got scared of the "Boogieman", I should try thinking of him as "The Boogerman" instead. Silly as it sounds, it did work lol. So with that in mind, here's a song I wrote about that very thing. I hope everyone enjoys it. Peace, Ron


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