Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

When I'm In Dire Need

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genre: Comedy
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"When I'm in Dire Need" I'll get right down to the point I was tokin' on a joint when that Trooper caught the corner of my eye I was movin' kinda...
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Ah the good ol' days!!
When I'm In Dire Need
09/15/13 12:04:36PM @gene-smith:
The opening track for a new Cheech & Chong flick I do believe ;) This was freakin' HILARIOUS Ron!
09/15/13 10:57:55AM @scotswolfe:
Great job Ron...I went from grin to smile to chuckle to laugh out loud listening to this song.Wonderful sense of humor you have.Possible that there's more truth than fiction in that tune.
Well done...cheers.


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