Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

For Anything

album: MCA2013
genre: MCA2013
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I've never put this song out there. I hope everyone enjoys it.
For Anything
03/14/14 05:43:11PM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks Farrell, I'm glad you enjoyed the song. :)
Farrell Jackson
03/14/14 12:50:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Love the pedal steel Ron! Great words to live by....we all need someone to help keep us on the straight and narrow when we start to zig zag, lol. Good vocals and music!


02/08/14 11:06:58AM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks David...that's exactly what this is. I wrote it for my wife.
02/08/14 10:20:39AM @david-c-deal:
Really nice tribute to your life love.


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