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Ron Kauffman

Carved In Stone

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                       "Carved in Stone"   His first time on a battlefield, the fear made him choke   he was in a foxhole and didn't know he'd been hurt...
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"Carved In Stone"   Before I tell the story that inspired this song, I'd like to thank Myk McDowell for all his hard work on the production. He took a lame...
Carved In Stone
09/05/19 11:11:07PM @moquinn:
MixPosure radio show ended a tad early today ~ gave me time to browse & enjoy some music ~ upon which I found this Gem from you & @Myk McDowell
which touches my heart
being a Baby Boomer I was around during the Vietnam era ~ brothers & friends who served during that time & my Dad who served in WW II
thank you both for sharing your talents

05/17/14 09:29:22AM @the-truevulgarians:
Digging the new tune Ron. Seems you upped the ante with more involved musical accompaniment. Terrific lyrics and the excellent vocals we've come to expect from you. Nice work my friend!


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