Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

A Whole Week of Mondays

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          "A Whole Week Of Monday's" Monday was a typical Monday nothin' more or less than I expect Tuesday didn't turn out any better I got that letter...
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Welcome To My World!!
A Whole Week of Mondays
05/29/13 08:53:40AM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks Carol...your so sweet! :)

06/01/13 02:22:09PM @lodato:
I saw a movie last night where in hell everyday was Monday! Eeeeks!!! Great song Ron.
Lyrical Princess
06/02/13 02:52:04AM @lyrical-princess:
Really Awesome lyrics.. I'm sure everyone can relate to this song at some point in their life.. In my case, I have CRS ((A serious case of it too)), so it doesn't matter much what day it is. If it happened, I've forgotten about five minutes later anyway.. LoL ~ Out on the Lake with a Miller Lite is the perfect place to leave all those Mondays behind..Great song~~

All The Best,
Lyrical Princess


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