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Ron Kauffman

This Ain't No Sad Song

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Sometimes there's just nothing to be sad about. Since it's such a rare thing, I just had to write about it
This Ain't No Sad Song
09/10/14 06:26:16PM @bustert:
Good Vibrations we need, YES!
Michael Stone
08/19/14 12:35:21AM @michael-stone:
Ron... TY A Great song!!!
Barefoot Music
08/18/14 06:50:11PM @barefoot-music-group:
Such a 'feel good' song Ron- makes me smile each time I listen. This track should be prescribed to those who are "sad".
08/18/14 10:25:07AM @ron-kauffman: many nice compliments. Makes me proud to know so many of my peers like this song. I got kind of tired of writing sad songs, and there are so many of them out that I thought it would be nice to write one with no heartache, and nothing bad going on. Thanks everyone for letting me know you enjoy this.
08/18/14 10:03:29AM @saturated:
Just heard this off a facebook link.. Loved it! More and more I like songs with just a guitar and vocal and you really nailed this. Guitar sounds pure and vocal just right!!
Marco Akamawa
08/18/14 05:40:37AM @marco-akamawa:
According the BIG smile on my face it's a BEAUTY of a song, Ron.
08/18/14 12:20:30AM @tlt50:
Fabulous tune.. The vocals...incredible. This is songwriting my friend. The progression....outstanding.... Musicianship... :) *****....
all the best....

Larry T

08/17/14 08:27:29PM @david-c-deal:
Cool song Ron, makes me smile.


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