Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

The Hard Blunt Truth

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"The Hard Blunt Truth" A tree lies rotting on the forest floor and beside it a child does the same cut down by men with a passion for money the tree and the...
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Everyday I watch on television, or read about the atrocities children all over the world endure. Some survive physically, but die inside. Others just die! I...
The Hard Blunt Truth
12/14/18 08:06:32PM @piyali:
Very deep and sad lyrics dear Ron... thank you. Tears in my heart. Love and respect to you.
11/11/14 08:37:07PM @mikewhitepresents:
fantastic song here Ron..very poignant and pointed lyric..i really love your warm, dynamic vocal..."children told about monsters" is such a brilliant lyric...loved this song!
10/14/14 11:10:29AM @ron-kauffman:
Rich, LP, David, Thank you getting it :) If this type song is in you, sometimes it needs out. For me anyway. I'm glad it's being received well. Peace
10/13/14 03:30:14PM @lodato:
I like the Willie Nelson like vibrato in the endtails of your vocal strids. Lovely melody that reveals easily the story here which is quite deep but so human. So many monsters out there and inside as well... Thanks for digging and letting it out.
Lyrical Princess
10/13/14 01:47:20AM @lyrical-princess:
Very well written Ron.. So much going through my mind ,as I listen and read along. Tears in my eyes. So many monsters out there. So many lives ruined by them.
10/12/14 08:01:50PM @david-c-deal:
Yes indeed Ron, it's just hard to accept the truth in this. Human nature has such a large dark side to go with the light. Poignant musical representation of these realities.


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