Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Fingers In The Cookie Jar

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genre: Comedy
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"Fingers In The Cookie Jar" When it comes to a slick abduction I'm the best at snatchin' up a human I'm light years ahead of the rest With a flick of my...
Fingers In The Cookie Jar
11/17/14 10:58:20AM @scotswolfe:
First off...big grats on AOM Ron,you more than deserve it for sure.
Second...I started smiling after the first verse of "Fingers in the Cookie Jar" the middle of the song I was laughing out loud.Love the chording and the humor in this tune. Great work Ron

Farrell Jackson
11/03/14 11:16:52AM @farrell-jackson:
He he he...a good set of lyric with some excellent jazzy acoustic guitar chords and vocal that represents their theme well. I like humor in songs and this one made me chuckle Ron. Excellent songwriting!



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