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Ron Kauffman

Sayin' Goodbye

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"Sayin' Goodbye"     C:   I don't feel bad about sayin' goodbye   We're better off on our own   and we both know why   Your a bitch   I'm a jerk   this is...
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This has one word that could make it explicet....I'm not sure. Someone contact me if that's the case and I'll fix it. Thanks, Ron
Sayin' Goodbye
01/26/15 03:37:39PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very cool song. Being a bit of a jerk myself, I can relate... lol Clever lyrics and a nice smooth delivery of the song. Could be the next Kauffman classic! Nice job Ron!
Lyrical Princess
01/26/15 01:20:54AM @lyrical-princess:
Ron, this song is sad with a twist.. The name calling made me giggle.. I always enjoy reading your lyrics. There's a truth in most of them, that a few of us can relate to. I admit it, I can be a b**** ~ I've earned the name..LOL
Folks can either work things out or they can't.. And sometimes it leads to saying Goodbye.. Nice work my Friend!!

All The Best,

Farrell Jackson
01/25/15 04:08:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Good song Ron! I hear a little J. Buffet style but this is all your own without a doubt. Nice writing and performing!


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