Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

When The Well Runs Dry

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genre: Folk
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"When the Well Runs Dry"     It comes from deep under ground to feed the perfect garden   thats the way the legend goes   So crystal clear I could watch the...
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This is actually a happy song
When The Well Runs Dry
05/01/15 07:09:02AM @mach:
Great songwriting and nice vocal delivery Ron.

04/28/15 02:53:23PM @ron-kauffman:
Thank you Farrell, David, and LP...makes me feel good to know you like this track :)
Lyrical Princess
04/27/15 06:06:12PM @lyrical-princess:
Love the lyrics and the melody. As always, there's a picture painted clearly on the musical canvas of my mind. Your vocals are crystal clear.. (The well runs empty ..? You mean it doesn't start out that way ? I keep waiting for it to fill up)... (LOL) ~
Really nice song, Ron!!

All The Best,

04/27/15 03:55:04PM @david-c-deal:
Really fine lyrics Ron. Very pretty delivery.
Farrell Jackson
04/27/15 10:23:42AM @farrell-jackson:
A wonderful lyric and song Ron! Unfortunately our wells do run dry at some point in time....but I like your wise analogies masterful songwriting. The guitar sounds very earthy..nice!



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