Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Phantom Memory

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genre: OCR_Country_Song
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                 " Phantom Memory"   I feel her lying next to me late at night turn so I can hold her and smell the perfume in her hair I listen while she...
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I suppose I could spend alot of money to make an awesome demo, but I really enjoy playing this song myself. I hope everyone enjoys it. Peace, Ron
Phantom Memory
07/01/13 04:06:49PM @ron-kauffman:
That's an extremely nice compliment Cooter, and I'm very grateful for it.
Peace, Ron

07/01/13 12:33:30PM @cooter:
Ron, it is beyond me why you do not have a songwriting paid gig somewhere. Cause brother, you can flat-out slap-dab craft a tune. This is beautiful, Ron. Your guitar playing and vocals are wonderful. The sound is so fine. And, the download is appreciated, good sir.

I love this, Ron.



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