Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Take Your Time

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This is one of my older songs. I went to the studio to do a guitar/vocal demo, but the producer liked it so much he decided to do this with it. Who am I to...
Take Your Time
05/05/13 10:49:31AM @john-frederick:
You have a way with these nice vocals very nice song from the heart great musical arrangement. Nice job
05/19/13 08:27:56PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very nice song, Ron. Personally, I think giving someone time to get to really now a person can be risky business! I really like the piano playing on this tune. Kinda reminded me of a Floyd Kraemer style. Your vocals were very nice as well. I see this song is entered in the OCR Song Contest along with a couple of others. Best of Luck to you...
Lyrical Princess
05/06/13 07:11:33PM @lyrical-princess:
What Beautiful lyrics.. Take your time.. Love it!!The music is Fabulous. Love how the vocals are so clear.. I can understand every word.. Enjoyed my listen very much.

All The Best,

05/05/13 06:29:36PM @scotswolfe:
Great voice,nice back up instruments and a clean production.This is a really nice song did a great job on guitar and vocals.
05/05/13 01:19:39PM @ron-kauffman:
Your guys are too kind! Thank you for the great comments. It's a great feeling when your peers enjoy what you do.


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