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                      "1953" I was part of an intergallactic crime ring I had my own gang and we were livin' the dream but I got popped and when the hammer...
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I was born, (at least thats the story the government tells everyone), in Roswell NM, 1953. My human father, was stationed at Area 51. This is what really...
Gary Dabrowski
05/02/19 11:06:04PM @gary-dabrowski:
hi Ron...was just browsing around and saw this...since I was born in 1953, I decided to listen to it...I liked did remind me of Arlo Guthrie in a way...I don't mean that to detract from your don't sound like him, the song just reminded me of him
06/03/16 07:44:36PM @vig-wig:
Well crafted lyrics. Catchy tune like "Puff the Magic Dragon" carries this to new heights. Fine little ditty.

06/16/13 08:07:14PM @ron-kauffman:
Not the best of recordings, but what do you expect from a Bonafide Alien!


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