Off That Train

album: previously unreleased
genre: Easy Listening
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OFF THAT TRAIN   Six million seconds in a row Every single one filled with doubt Always tryin' not to show That I was up against myself (and no one...
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An unfamiliar style of music. But nevertheless it was worth a try.
Off That Train
05/11/20 10:45:22PM @moquinn:
just discovered your music...quite coincidentally....nope, there are no coincidences ~ right after listening to the MixPosure radio show today your song was then played...& it drew me in to your page....10 years ago...& I am just discovering your music....very mellow & soothing ~ thank you for sharing
08/08/10 04:06:36PM @bigpete:
you never let me down, every time you draw me in to your musical world and I always enjoy the visits very much, just another great pop song in the most classical sense.
08/08/10 10:21:01AM @mark-reed:
You worked a very poetic weave with this piece. Read the lyrics which convey to me the need for change. Musically the work is excellent and provides a superb platform for the vocals. Very nice indeed
08/07/10 06:36:54AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This washed over me with amazing warmth - really unremarkable in some ways but the combination of chords, ambiance and delivery, that honest voice make this a special delight. ftlpope
08/06/10 09:31:45PM @tlt50:
This so amazingly arranged,beautiful mix...well produced....Your songwriting skills,vocals and lyrics are fantastic. BRAVO...!!

Larry T


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