Find My Trail

album: previously unreleased
genre: Acoustic
streams: 45

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FIND MY TRAIL I should go where the wind could blow me to With my heart heading away from here Unforeseen just like a bolt out of the blue I’d pick up my...
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The first song after healing my soul.
Find My Trail
Fat Rat Productions
05/10/10 10:18:53PM @fat-rat-productions:
Sebastian, This is nice work, guitar is very pleasing, #1 in my book, and the vocal is pleasing to the palette, makes it good. The RatMan!
05/11/10 06:02:32AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I too liked the ambiance of this one - plain but effective harmonies - the pleasures of fairly simple songs clearly on demonstration here. ftlpope
05/10/10 05:02:56PM @avalanche:
Hey Sebastian...

Nice vibe from the git-go on this one. Nice acoustic guitar work. Relaxed vocals fit beautifully...great harmonies....interesting lyrics. I'm digging the mix...this is very well done.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

05/10/10 05:20:18PM @gary-reed:
Great feel on this one. Ditto on Mike-NAV's comments. Very well recorded; everything comes through clear on the mix. Especially liked the tone/clarity of the acoustic guitar.


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