She's So Different

album: stranger in my car
genre: Acoustic
streams: 42

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SHE’S SO DIFFERENT     Don’t believe a word she’s sayin’ It could make your mind getting lost in hope Don’t you trust her careless words You should rather...
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Acoustic tune with a certain singer/songwriter touch. this tune originally appeared on the Yellow Jumps Twice album "Stranger In My Car". Accordion played by...
She's So Different
04/04/10 11:27:03AM @vahur-krautman:
Very nice song. The melody line and especially the chorus is very catchy and understandable on the first listen. Great piece!
Farrell Jackson
04/04/10 12:24:45PM @farrell-jackson:
Great songwriting here! There's that cool accordion sound...yes accordions can be cool now...aint that great!
A very well done song in arrangement and performance with a very memorable chorus. Nicely done!


04/04/10 12:01:35PM @chrickon:
Great track!! very melodic and catchy! Love the acordion!
Most enjoyable!

04/04/10 07:36:27PM @steve-carter:
I enjoyed the double track on the chorus, very 60's(in a GOOD way!) Good drum amchine sound. Reminds me of KINKS or Gerry and the Pacemakers. Cool accordian...did I really say that? Yup!


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