Every Now And Then

album: previously unreleased
genre: Acoustic Rock
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  Song Lyrics
EVERY NOW AND THEN   I hear her breathing by my side As she fell asleep tonight Just like a child. How often did I smell this scent How many times did I...
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This song is a dedication to someone very special. Unfortunately it ended before it began. There's a other version of this song with a real rock sound....
Every Now And Then
05/29/10 06:04:59AM @mike-lynn:
This is simply awesome. Definitely well written and delivered. Thanks for sharing / Mike
05/28/10 07:55:17AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
Great tune
well done on the tempo and vocals

05/26/10 12:37:48PM @mark-reed:
Dunno what it is about this that reminds me of Neil Young. This is a brilliant number. Nothing to fault it in my mind. Just a great listen. Well done
05/26/10 02:45:23PM @gary-reed:
Really enjoyed this - great tune, lyrics, and groove. You've got a very original sound going, particularly with the vocals. Very well recorded and mixed - sounds very pro.
Lyrical Princess
09/20/10 03:16:10AM @lyrical-princess:
Knew I was going to like this as soon as I heard the intro..
Happy you have the wonderful lyrics posted, as I like to read along.. There is always something worth fighting for.. Enjoyed everything about this.. Great song.. Great Music
Thanks for sharing ~

All The Best,


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