I'm Not Waiting

album: SIDEWAYS (with Ines Klassen)
genre: Rock
streams: 75

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I’M NOT WAITING   There’s someone in my head But it’s not me Just around my back So I can’t see The life I thought I knew Is out of sight But you smile at...
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This is the third song I recorded with Ines Klassen. We call ourselves "SIDEWAYS". There are three more songs to come soon. SO STAY TUNED!
I'm Not Waiting
07/06/10 07:42:13AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This really motors and really reaches a peak with the harmony vocals. great production and groove. ftlpope
07/05/10 08:23:46AM @mark-reed:
Liked the intro leadinginto a nice lush backing, drums and bass are solid, the keys and shape and depth. Vocals have a distinct quality which makes this work well. Very good number
07/04/10 09:26:14PM @bigpete:
another great composition, well crafted as usual, I only wished you had real horns instead of the synth ones, superbe production and great to hear the vocals of Ines. I have a favor to ask, I just updated a german track I have on my profile, I have no real idea of what the artist is saying, just a vague guess, he never told me, lol, could you have a listen and tell me what he is saying thanks, here is the link.


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