My Little World

album: SIDEWAYS (with Ines Klassen)
genre: Rock
streams: 129

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MY LITTLE WORLD   Sometimes I`m feeling kinda lonley It`s when my friends have lost their way That`s when I`m starring at the ceiling My boredom rules my...
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Song #3 from the Sideways project. Pure Rock at it's best!
My Little World
07/21/10 04:33:29PM @michael-frazier:
Vocals are a bit reminiscent of Julian Lennon. A rocker for sure. Sounds a little 80's to me. Nice work on this.Solid mix and good vox.
07/15/10 08:19:59AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Real style and very retro here - liking all of this material. ftlpope


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