Self Tort
Self Tort

Mid Life Crisis - Acoustic Version (rough though)

album: Stripped Bare
genre: Acapella
streams: 60

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Mid Life Crisis (Brian Ralston) The face in the mirror don't look like meSkin on my head where my hair once used to be No point in bizarre disguisesWon't win...
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Dare I over-amplify - it's a song about getting old, for gods' sake. Wrote it twenty years ago (without the middle 8) when I was being cheeky. The song has...
Mid Life Crisis - Acoustic Version (rough though)
Charlie Beige
12/08/16 09:26:27PM @charlie-beige:

Ahhh live and raw and just how i like it...playing that geetar really nicely Brian - your vocal is always a delight to has character. entertain and leave me with the need to hear more.

Thanks again and ya just gotta be happy with the id life crisis..sss sss as they seem to come around often

03/18/13 09:49:21AM @josephrodz:
Always like my acoustic guitar sound like that and sing like that too, a great track and lyrics.

03/19/13 06:43:53AM @bri-an: cannot deny the unedited performance of a musician in his/her smoke or mirrors, just 100% natural Selftort...not from concentrate here...
David's system has captured you bare-bones, explains why a well written toon can stand on it's own.
love this version!! B.


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