Self Tort
Self Tort

Best Man

album: N.I.C
genre: Funk
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There was darkness in your eyes, as you came storming down the aisleI could see your twisted curling lip, your dark foreboding smileThought the day had...
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This is Track 1 of my CD "N.I.C". It's a funk take on that old Eternal Triangle, the bride loves the groom, the best man loves the bride, and...
Best Man
11/13/10 01:51:26AM @obiwandk:
nice feel of the song mate :) best hope you really got the feel of the 70's funk great work
10/07/08 09:28:20PM @rob-favre:
I own the CD, and it's on my iPhone as well! Great song Brian.


07/12/08 06:55:55PM @ked-records:
Brian man you are just so versitile.. every genre you aproach you conquer with a unique blend of smoky vocals and incredibly intelligent lyrical content... now add in a bucket of brilliance and some very gifted approaches to convey his honest and from the heart.. This funk tune is pure heart and soul from the one and only Brian Ralston... Amazing Brian Ralston.. that is..
05/22/08 12:13:06PM @tlt50:
Ah.....Yes. Funky splender !! Love the groove ya have going.....Outstanding organ,guitar and bass.Of course the vocals are icing
on this funkydelicious cake .Damn' sweet. !! You're awesome Brian !!!!
Larry *****

04/09/08 05:07:19AM @shane:
nice track -
listened and enjoyed

03/10/08 10:43:33AM @ty-larson:
hey awesome playing, very funky just how i like it! good job
03/10/08 05:51:24AM @mike-s:
A great tune Brian. Nice production on this, everything seems nicely blended together. Vocals are very strong.
02/29/08 05:49:57AM @sandz:
I really love anything about funk. And I agree I love this one. The groove is great adding the organ part, excellent.
03/05/08 01:04:05PM @soundwell:
Like it. Great guitars, keyboards, vocals - and a damned fine song as well.

Everything is really clear and the production is top notch.

Another fan.

02/27/08 01:20:51AM @ab2:
Bluesey, funky, reggae even...Very enjoyable...Really like the bass. A great vocal....Why did she stay..? I can relate to those lyrics. Like the keys...very enjoyable listen...

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

02/26/08 06:48:00PM @henry-tarnecky:
I liked this track...vocals are great - gravelly genuine and styled... a perfect fit for the music... really carries the tune. Ooooh yes! love that hammond B-3 part!
02/11/08 01:20:10AM @starting-over:
This a great tune, with equally great vocals, you have the perfect voice for this type of music & many others types too no doubt.
Real nice guitar work, love the tone and playing. I've enjoyed your music for awhile now and this one just adds to the list, great job!


03/02/08 08:45:44PM @test200:
Some funky cool vibe Brian. I like the picking thats underneath complimenting the groove. A hint of Dr John there in the vocal and organ. Love that break at 2:40. I'm enjoying this track, a head boppin groove and a pristine mix. A nice melding of styles.
..well done..

Luca Wulf
02/06/08 03:34:15PM @huge-artist:
I must admit it feels a tad weird reviewing any song from the album now.
They have all become like old friends,and somehow,like a major artist release,it seems weird that I get to have a say on what I think....
Well,all I can do when faced with it is to say,having listened to this and all the other material you have done over the years,I have yet to find a song where I cold even remotely say anything less than "Top notch work Brian"
For my pennies,you are a songwriter in the truest sense,like Guy is,and in this day and age of bountiful music,there aren't too many bonafide songwriters about.
These days it all tends to be about the chrous,image and production.]
Oh well :)
It is...PERFECT.
I need not say anything more.

01/06/08 09:37:11PM @dazed:
I loved your description of this song. You could use this in a soundtrack for many hollywood movies.

Fantastic lyrics and outstanding performance. Love the solo and this mix is exceptional.

I just realized who your vocals kind of remind me of, Michael McDonald. Would love to hear you do some Doobie Brothers. I bet you could pull it off well!

Enjoyed the tune ;)

Farrell Jackson
01/07/08 12:07:45PM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Brian. Man you've got a winner here with a little rock, funk, jazz, and even a fraction of the blues wrapped up in this jewel. Nice theme to the lyric and catchy hook. I like your style change to that jazz influenced guitar solo. Well done!


12/22/07 05:17:12AM @rookie:
Hi Brian yet another great tune, love the vocals as always, but its the bass that does it for me carries the whole song brilliantly IMHO.
great listen Brian thanks.

12/08/07 08:21:52AM @bri-an:
Hey MR B! , You know..I know about this toon ('s a CD that is the main stay in my player in the truck) .
Best man's lyrical vibe is a perfect example of how a toon should be presented..(IMO)
The NEXUS "Selftort night" was enjoyed very much by many. I look forward to the future projects of yours!!

12/08/07 12:32:00AM @the-full-quid:
wow Mr Brian , didn't know you could funk rock it ! another great tune , nice to hear you doing different styles , your vocals are great on this . great arrangement . you got the voice for it .
as always clean and tight , oh that keyboard solo is tasty !

12/03/07 04:30:15AM @diva:
Cool tune. Cool arrangement. You voice works well with this. I like this one a lot.
04/01/08 04:08:13PM @tcp: style from you. Very solid song with wonderful organ leads, bass line and those electric guitar accents. Solid songwriting by anyone's standards. And of course all the playing is top notch...we all expect that!! Excellent track ...Blake
11/26/07 02:10:22PM @will-mitchell:
this is a cool song with a nice groove. i like the muted guitar hard panned left and right. you've got a cool voice and i'm a fan of the delivery. great guitar work as well. enjoyed it.
Grumpy Old Player
11/26/07 08:27:52AM @thedonsterproject:
Great playing and sounding guitar.

I really like your stuff.

01/06/08 11:45:07PM @brian-mattson:
Nice composition and kudos to your vocals and guitar picking! Hey this is coming from another 50 something rocker who comes from a long line of club and concert bands. Very professional in every way, and it does keep you young doesn't it?
11/14/07 07:19:44AM @omm:

11/14/07 02:18:05AM @saitkoray:
another great one...great vocal line..i always love your singing..very well arranged and performed..very well guitar playing...great tune...your songs always impress me...i am your great musician friend...I DO LOVE THIS...THIS IS 5 STAR SONG.....




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