Self Tort
Self Tort

Oldest Roadies On The Earth

album: Oldest Roadies On The Earth (EP)
genre: Folk-Rock
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OLDEST ROADIES ON THE EARTH It's Friday night, the gear's all stacked, I'm ready for my gig But where are Jack and Chokoes, and where's the roadies' rig It's...
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This is my tribute to Jack "Attack" Ryan and Alan "Chokoes" Musgrave who helped me with my gear for a number of years. The song was entered in 702 ABC's...
Oldest Roadies On The Earth
Barefoot Music
05/15/15 09:00:45PM @barefoot-music-group:
Just love this track.
05/06/15 09:34:37PM @mach:
LOL hopefully you don't have the oldest groupies also. :)


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