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Self Tort

Maianbar Sunrise (with Alexis Van Eeckhout) (AvanEdit)

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To celebrate the return to ims of my dear friend Alexis Van Eeckhout, I am posting a collab we did some time ago now. I had a chord progression and melody...
Maianbar Sunrise (with Alexis Van Eeckhout) (AvanEdit)
07/12/08 06:59:23PM @ked-records:
man ohhhhhhhh man Brian.. this song is as sweet as pure honey.. such flavours burried like jems in the earth.. The groove is as smooth as silk and full of melody that puts you on a cloud as you chill and relax...

Great stuff Brian.. Indeed!

05/31/08 12:36:21PM @wrightdude:
This is too cool for cool! cool just doesnt describle how cool this is!!!! save the earth from global warming! crank this up!!!!
The RatMan
05/30/08 09:15:38PM @the-ratman:
You did well here as usaual a very good listen, wonderful sax and guitar combo, giving me ideas, thought I lost. I like my friend. Hope all's well down under. The RatMan!
05/27/08 11:41:32AM @tcp:
Forecsst: blue sky with some puffy clouds and a mellow but refreshing sea breeze. Yes...relaxing. Yes...perfectly done. Exemplary playing and classic elements by Brian, including super sax by Alexis. Another gem in your diverse collection of treasures Brian. Keep crankin!! ~Blake
05/27/08 12:09:09AM @avalanche:
Hi Brian!

This is GREAT stuff. Beautiful blend of sounds...excellent keyboards...and Alex is just...well you know, Alex! (Awesome!) Super mix...sets a nice mellow mood...nice presence on the bass and drums, too..there just ain't nothing to say!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

05/26/08 09:42:42PM @dazed:
fantastic. great sax and a killer melody line. those keys are sweet off in the distance. they are subtle but add so much. Love the guitar solo!!
05/26/08 05:12:48PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey guys, this is an electric combination! Two great artists on this track. Very smooth and well executed. Rally love this dreamy arrangement. Very nice!
05/26/08 01:12:56PM @tlt50:
Awesome composition........beautiful,smooth and very enchanting
song.Exceptional talent I'm listening too.... gents !!! Emotional and heart-felt groovin'......Oh yea...this is Sweeeeeet !

Larry T.....

05/26/08 11:52:05AM @digger-stone:
all the talent on this song speaks for its self!

incredible, so nice!



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