Self Tort
Self Tort

Light Flame

album: N.I.C
genre: Funk
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LIGHT THE FLAME (Words and music B. Ralston)     Got no time for the flip-flop society Pretty girls, with nothing to say Convent ladies just don’t excite...
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On a quick audit of the songs I had posted here it dawned on me that I actually had very few tracks from my debut CD "N.I.C" posted here. Mike K kindly...
Light Flame
07/15/08 09:20:48PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Ahh, Brian ... there it is, official now, eh? :) Need I say any more??? LOVE this tune! Full of energy and what an arrangement! The vocals are amazing. Man, I can't get enough of this tune!!!


07/14/08 06:56:18PM @zzaj:
Oo-goo-ga-ma-ga, 'tort. You weren't funkin' 'round when you labelled this on as FUNK... pure & simple, make them bootys be a-shakin'... this gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me... heck, can't even type, tryin' to get on up & DANCE!
Farrell Jackson
07/14/08 04:41:39PM @farrell-jackson:
Man Brian this is so good and tight! It was great to hear it on Mike's show the other night. Ok now that INXS has been mentioned, I can let my thought out of the bag, lol! I've heard this influence (maybe it is just the down under sound?) in some of your songs before but didn't want to do the compare thing ;o).
No matter, it's you and it's got a good grove! Enjoyed it again!


Rob Grant
07/14/08 03:28:27PM @rayon-vert:
AHHH!!! Yes, this was the extra, Mike played on his show....EXCELLENT!!! Man, I love this synth or xylaphone effect you got going on. This song has a TON OF PUNCH!!!! The drums are on overdrive and.......Man!! I cain't set still....OUCH!!! GREAT TRACK, BRIAN!!! Your vox are TOUGH!!! The rhythm guitar is biting right thru and I LOVED that sustaining solo :-) TOP JOB, SIR!!!

07/14/08 03:27:55PM @avalanche:
Howdy Brian...

I heard this one the other night...and it sounds even better the second time. Great rhythm section...tight and punchy...interesting keys...definite INXS flashes when I listen to this...great drum are varied and kicking...excellent production brings out the intense vocal performance. Just great stuff here!!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

sly puppy
07/14/08 03:20:20PM @emocion:
Brian this is one funky tune I never tire off.
The huge drum/perc track the deep bass and that funky as hell guitar all make my feet twitch.Add in that tremendous organ and the grunting guitar chords behind the hookline and the whole thang just bounces.Production is 1st class.


07/14/08 02:03:59PM @syngularity:
Brian - It was so beautiful to hear N.I.C. for the first time, and it still is - and I can remember "Light Flame" so good... As Bandbrothers mentioned - I definitely feel the great influence by INXS and Midnight Oil here too. - Thar's what I love about Australian Rock - always sharp, original... it bites and it's pure pleasure on headphone. So perfect, so good, as your vocal is too!!!
07/14/08 10:40:47AM @tcp:
Yep...heard this one on CSP and loved it. Love your song construction and arrangements Brian - they are always so well thought out. Awesome funky playing too...very INXSy. Vocals so well delivered...lead guitar and all instruments tight + solid. This is your usual superior music Brian...GREAT! ~Blake
07/14/08 10:19:18AM @bri-an:
And still! one of my favorite indie artist releases (N.I.C.) True good toons stand the test of time...I just hope the CD stands the test of being played SO many times!!! "lite THE flame" is a classic!! Honoured to have it!
07/14/08 09:45:10AM @the-bard-brothers:
Why does this sound say Aussie to me? The guitar and keys sound like all the famous bands (INXS, Midnight Oil, Split Enz) combined. Tremendous production here, especially for the instrumentation. Obviously well-played. Actually, I might bring the vocals just a bit more up front (picking nits here). How about some harmony vocals on the chorus at the end of the song?

Nice work, Brian.

07/14/08 07:26:24AM @dazed:
killer guitar and vocal work Brian! Love the tasty keys as well :).

Lyrics are exceptional as always! I also love the distorted guitar on the chorus and the solo. Very melodic!

08/12/08 02:29:31AM @ab2:
Wow, Brian...I did`nt realise you played a bit o funk....ehheee...A really cool upbeat groove, uplifting to say the least..I`d love to read the lyrics as I listen but I know if I click on lyrics it`ll take my review away...:-) Really like what I hear...Oh, thankyou for the birthday wished by the way....I was away in England at the time so missed them... :-)

Peace n love mags xx :-)


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