Self Tort
Self Tort

Lookin' At Ya (with KED)

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I was in a "chill" frame of mind a couple of years ago and came up with the basic backing track (with the help of Stewart Havill of Sound Dog Studios).After...
Lookin' At Ya (with KED)
01/29/09 10:28:40AM @vesa:
This has a bit of a latin/pop style, like the organ, cool guitar, more instrumental soft rock happening; very lovely playing, most relaxing tune, eclectic oriented,...since it builds up with some higher volume harder rock playing; nice bariance to this arranging -very fine; indeed...most enjoyable to listen to-it simply floats along like a smooth wave running up to the beach...a great sound mix I feel here, nifty warm percussion, fine bass...good guitar variations and cool synth artistry, with some cosmic soundz...This is impressively done. Fine production.
EXCELLENT composition guys.
FAB!!! -Vesa.

01/18/09 03:51:32PM @will-mitchell:
"Lookin' At Ya" is a laid back instrumental tune with a smooth yet aggressive guitar lead on top. Halfway through the song seems to pick up tempo and liveliness and then flow seamlessly into a really compelling synth lead. This is some fine work here.
Luca Wulf
12/20/08 08:23:06AM @huge-artist:
Damn how good does this sound?
Talk about pro.
What is really nice in this is the uncroded feeling the song has.
It just feels so lush and spacious.
Excellent musicanship,and the lead work on keys and guitr is simply excellent.
Class gents,pure class.


11/29/08 10:56:03AM @chris-moore:
Hey Brian, this is a great tune from you guys! Particularly like the tone on that lead guitar, and great keys sitting back there, excellent progression, production, feel, I'm jealous as hell! Thanks for this one, all the best, Chris.

10/20/08 07:11:42PM @luay-rifai:
Very smooth work you guys !
Guitar, synth, song structure...fantastic !

Superb job!-Luay

10/11/08 01:57:33PM @ace-layton:
Ouuu yeah! This is some sweet, soft jams! Brian you're such a fine keyboard player, I admire your deep understanding of the various instruments and there optimum use. I find much to learn from you! KED's guitar is so appealing and smooth, it's all you can to not replay the song over and over, to get a better fix of the total vibe. Deceptively cool production and direction on this one! Such a treat from start to finish! I'm taking notes...


10/07/08 01:50:27PM @tcp:
Alright...more mellow than I expect from you Brian but oh so smooth. But the song heats up very nicely. The combo of bass line, keys and KED are very musical. Great interactions between bass/EP/organ/piano/synth and wonderful KBs in general Brian!!! KED does so much justice to this piece with his pure and sustainy leads. A really intelligent package here. Very impressive writing and expressive playing gents...WOW!!!! ~Blake
10/06/08 05:59:39PM @mark-cloutier:
hey brian been awhile--my apologeeze--this is gorgeous stuff--i love keds playing-such ease and flow--the bass and synths--man--fabulous listen this is!!congrats on a heckuva collab--that bass--love it!!
10/02/08 12:46:04PM @ab1:
wow this really 70s smooth lounge style.. never heard you guys sound so candle light club style.. i'm diggin this urban bluesy vibe.. man brian that was you on guitar? excellent! i think that because ked comes in later with a different tone and rockin style where the intensity changes.. you both have done some lyrical playing here tonight.. think I'll get another jameson's neat and sit back and listen.. this is sweet..
thanks for jazzin it up for us jazz fans.. cheers mates.. sounded great :-)

10/02/08 10:15:41AM @test200:
hey guys, this feels really comfortable, keys and guitar feeding off each other nicely. I'm liking the snare shots, they put a cool topper on that relaxing groove. Ked has a definate style and feel with his leads, and coupled with that fantastic lead synth part, rounds out a great track. Its great to hear collabs that sound like everyone was in the same room, which make these cross border collabs so special..nice!!
10/01/08 10:39:08PM @self-tort:
Thanks to all for the really kind remarks. I can't take full credit for the composition, though. I cam up with the chord structure and laid down the backings (with Stewart Havill doing a massive tidy up of my bass and drum tracks). The composition though needed the finishing touch of someone to come in and add a melodic lead guitar. KED did that in spades, while at the same time delivering with passion, feel and taste. So to be fair the credits need to be Self Tort/KED.



10/01/08 10:33:09PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wow. WTG guys!!!! This is huge. Fantastic composition Brian and KED's work is flawless. BRAVO


10/01/08 10:05:21PM @tlt50:
Brian and Ked..... stunning collab. LOve the progression.... Great keyboard work.....Ked shines brilliantly with his guitar work. The synth is awesome.....tastey and beautifully played. Monster collab ,by 2 of my favorite artists. BRAVO !!!!!

Larry T.....

Doctor C
10/01/08 08:49:51PM @doctor-c:
What a cool track! What's not to like here? Everything's done with taste end elegance. Brian, my friend, I had no idea you could play keys so well. That synth solo is superb! And the backing organ and EP tracks made this composition so much richer...
10/01/08 07:17:54PM @dazed:
damn this is sounding fantastic guys!! keys are sweet Brian and Ked your solos are taking the stage here. Kind of reminds me of Carlos Santana for some reason. Awesome guys!! Love the part around 1:33 Ked.

What a great ride guys. The keys around 3:50 or so are incredible Brian. What a great sound!!

10/12/08 01:14:59PM @blue-sahara:
This was niiice! Wonderful, relaxing composition, well written song. Certainly something I can hear anytime, anywhere ... this kind of sound never gets old.
Lovely collaboration between two very talented musicians, both adding their own characters to the song! Bravo!

The RatMan
10/08/08 09:29:26PM @the-ratman:
Brian, and KED, what nice sounds. Excellant on the guitars, beat right on,very nice collab. Your fan, The RatMan!
10/02/08 04:03:54AM @ab2:
Now I was`nt expecting this at all....:-)Beautiful guitar and love that bass...Very nice keys..This is a late night number...One for romancing..Very cool, smooth and sophisticated...A gorgeous listen..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)


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