No One Knows That Much feat. Paul Dempsey

album: Truth
genre: Guitar Rock
streams: 14

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No One Knows That Much   (v1) Whoever said There are no dragons left today Surely had never seen one go by Soaring like a bird of prey So quick, is that...
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Since more that 8 years Paul Dempsey and I - we work together. I met him on Mixposure.
No One Knows That Much feat. Paul Dempsey
01/13/19 08:47:58AM @serious-music:
Thank you very much, Carol Sue. Paul is my best friend. I am proud that I met him years ago.
carol sue
01/13/19 08:30:53AM @carol-sue:
Congratulations on your long-term collaborations with Paul, Inge~ and it's so special that the two of you met right here at Mixposure! Dynamic song, well written and perfomed! ***** ::encore:: :)


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