Fire in my veins - with Paul Tauterouff

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genre: Blues
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  FIRE IN MY VEINS I specifically decided to produce a song in Blues genre  --      but,  it turned out to be one more failure on top of a stack of...
Fire in my veins     -  with Paul Tauterouff
08/27/11 06:45:33AM @durod:
Every aspect of this song is outstanding, vocals, guitar, lyrics, mix; all of it ROCKS! Guitar solo takes front stage!!!
Doctor C
12/15/10 09:20:43AM @doctor-c:
It's been a while since I heard this magnificent vocals! What a performance! "It's just the way I missed it"!!! The lead guitar rocks! Awesomely constructed and produced work, gentlemen!
12/14/10 10:29:42PM @tlt50:
Shane.... hey,my friend.:) Love this progression...minor excellence.....fits the vibe, just superbly...!! Paul one fantastic muso....great to hear you both collab..OUTSTANDING.. !! Your vox....sounds as amazing as ever, bro...!!For me, emotional..righteous and extremely well done...!!
BRAVO... BTW Great title...:)),

Larry T

12/14/10 08:23:38PM @franknbass:
This knocks me out. As always your voice is just the best. You have great chops on this. Shuffles are a favorite of mine and it is great to hear you do one. There is a lot of power in your voice in this and the production sounds like a major label tune. Way to bring it my friend.

12/14/10 12:03:33PM @david-c-deal:
Your vocals are always stellar Shane. Great to hear again. Fine blues instrumentals as well.
Luca Wulf
12/14/10 11:52:39AM @huge-artist:
TSK,my spelling gets worse!
Apologies Shane

Luca Wulf
12/14/10 11:51:58AM @huge-artist:
Shame :)
Where ya been mate?

Nice to hear you putting your vocals centre stage,and unless I miss my guess,you've backed off the vocal FX,all the better for it.
This kind of blues rock track needs that vocal presence that fX can soften the edges of.

Excellent guitar work from Paul.
Very nice band sound in all,solid foundation for lead and vocals.



12/14/10 09:12:41AM @gary-hart:
Wow...Shane Nice cut bro! This is totally a solid tune! Nice guitars and Awesome job on the vocals! 5 Stars


04/26/11 11:01:25AM @lucindra:
The blues is a way to express failure....though that does not apply here !!! rarely do I melt when a vocalist attempts to seduce me....but I'm a puddle before you touch my soul....such feelings of emotion...and a guitar that pierces the mind and flows through the veins like a self induced captivating.....and intoxicating.....You Rock !!!!!


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