The Chance of a Lifetime

album: deep in the sky
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 123

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Gary Carciello; is the Lead Guitarist.  Don Ordyell; (Grumpy) is the Ryrthm Guitarist. Shane ;  Bass, Keyboard, additional Guitar, drum arrangement,...
The Chance of a Lifetime
sly puppy
10/29/10 06:22:31AM @emocion:

Each new day is a chance of a lifetime.

Some will embrace it and do their best with each breath others will not.

Seems to me your vocal and production skills have grown since I haven't been around.This is a gloriously HUGE production.It simple shines in every area Gary does indeed make that guitar talk and sing all at once.

Nice work from all concerned.


Chris Mahon
03/12/09 04:14:24PM @chris-mahon:
Wow, great vocals, and smoking guitar licks. This track is very professional sounding, well performed and arranged. A great listen. Thanks for sharing it! Chris
Rob Grant
03/13/09 01:38:02PM @rayon-vert:
Shane, I always rave about your vox, deservedly so......."Chance of a Lifetime" are lyrics that fit your voice SO WELL!!! BUT!!! I have to say, your guitar work here is astonishing, as well. I've never discussed with you anything but your vocals, but MAN!!!! your musicianship is nothing short of your excellent vocals. This is one DAMN COOL SONG!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

03/12/09 04:29:03PM @the-autumleaf:
Love the vocals ...and coool Guitars excellent riffs ...nice composition and production .....
Enjoyed it through out
Jay from The Autumnleaf

03/14/09 11:05:32AM @blue-sahara:
Wow, great production Shane! Instantly, one falls for those deep drum sounds. Guitars are awesome, and I'm totally diggin the bass line in here. And, as always - Shane you're vocals are one of a kind! Super collab folks!

03/13/09 09:19:30AM @josephrodz:
Very profesional and well done production.

03/13/09 08:50:23PM @papi:
Great and grand sound.
And I agree with Melsi's comment on your voice...wonderful singing voice.
Don't beat yourself up on overproducing. I love it when there are lots of things and details to marvel at.
Really pro stuff


03/13/09 03:16:12PM @digger-stone:
the vox on this are very well done, love the guitars, and the mix is steller, all n all, a very good song done with conviction!

enjoyed it very much,

03/13/09 01:53:30PM @mark-reed:
This is a nice track, clean finish and some sweet instrumentals to support a great vocal track. Very good number well done
Lyrical Princess
03/12/09 03:51:58PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Shaneroozyoxadoodle, Loving the intro.. I always enjoy listening to your music.. You all did a fantastic job.. And the longer version of your name is very cool too.. LOL.. All The Best, LP


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