To Feel Again

album: Flesh and Blood
genre: Alternative
streams: 79

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To Feel Again composition and all instruments : Shane
To Feel Again
Gary Shukoski
09/27/16 01:03:44PM @gary-shukoski:
Diggin this track too. Rusty's right: you got a killer voice. Do you play and sing everything on here?
08/23/16 11:24:22AM @david-c-deal:

The lyrics communicate that intense longing for power of love in this creation, which indeed seems in short supply sometimes. Amen

sly puppy
05/02/16 04:03:24PM @emocion:
Not been around here for ages - good to hear someone I remember and admire,still have a great voice Shane.

Dace has inspired to drop back into the music - dipping back just a little - this track is different in the way you have built layers of difference in the guitar switches harsh to soft ,



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