Take the Red Pill

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TAKE THE RED PILL Shane:  Lyrics , vox, music composition , some of the rythm guitar ( the sections at and near the beginning ), Arrangement and Production...
Take the Red Pill
06/24/17 12:59:19PM @ron-dadey:
Shane... this is only one of many killer tracks by you.... Hell dude... you could sing the phone book and sound great!! LOL!! I'm a fan!!
03/28/17 05:54:22PM @red-sheppen:
Been tappin away to this while working away here and digging it. A real high quality to all of your songs. Again arrangement of the song is great and excellent vocal phrasing as we have come to expect from you.

12/08/16 06:10:57AM @ronbowes:

Great big guitar sound and trippy vox. Nice pro production. Rock on!

Gary Shukoski
11/08/16 02:15:34AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks for the kind reviews over at my page sir! I first heard one of your songs/projects on one of the chat shows. They were playing "All In Vain" and I immediately began asking people in the chat room how I could find the page it was coming from (I was listening from my phone and couldn't see the titles of the currently playing tracks. Someone said something about a Rabbit or some such thing but it yielded no search results. Finally, someone posted the Janeway link and I was able to find the song. I guess you guys were having some trouble nailing down a name for that project lol! Anyways, I love all the stuff I'm hearing on both pages here. I love 80s rock/metal and progressive bands and I can certainly hear by your style that you do too...and is that you singing on this stuff as well as playing guitar? Holy crap dude! Good stuff man. Never put any real time in to try to develop my vocals but yours sound fantastic. Rock on man!
Gary Shukoski
09/27/16 12:58:52PM @gary-shukoski:
Dude! Your stuff here is pretty amazing too! The guitars are on FIRE and the vocals are great. Goods hooks and harmonies. Live what you're doing and gonna check out more...
08/23/16 11:28:01AM @david-c-deal:

It is very effective how you take advantage of the cultural power of the red pill vs blue pill moment in the movie. You add musical power and intensity to that daily decision we all make on some level. Let's choose the red pill!

08/06/16 10:44:17PM @hydrogen3:
This is awesome enjoyed listening on Jim Es show tonight!!
Farrell Jackson
07/29/16 05:36:48PM @farrell-jackson:
What a bold mix and I love it! The backing vox section where you sing "by choosing the red pill" at 2:33 in multi part harmony gave me chills! Fine music and extra fine vocals Shane and crew!
07/27/16 04:11:49PM @shane:
At the front of this track, I've used a short clip from the movie, The Matrix, dialogue between Neo and Morpheus. This serves to define the meaning and significance of the term 'Red Pill'.


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