Million (with Gary Shukoski)

album: Flesh and Blood
genre: Alternative
streams: 149

  Song Information
Million :::   Original instrumental composition, by Gary Shukoski. --  Shane : Lyrics , Vocals, , a little bit of piano and Acoustic Guitar riffsArrangement...
Million  (with Gary Shukoski)
07/15/17 01:57:06AM @moequinn:
this is absolutely beautiful ~ I never cease to be amazed with the incredible talent I discover at MixPosure
03/28/17 05:46:06PM @red-sheppen:
NIce indeed - a great collaborative song...just love the guitars but the vocals shine for me - very pleasant voice to listen to.
Enjoyed this a lot.
Thanks Shane and Gary

Doug Dickens
01/11/17 01:16:20PM @doug-dickens:

This is one fine tune.  Vocals are superb ...

Farrell Jackson
01/08/17 12:27:41PM @farrell-jackson:

I had commented on this song earlier but somehow my post was lost but I have no problem doing it again. Shane you've put some excellent vocals and lyric to Gary's fine music. The extra acoustic and keys additions fit perfectly. Nicely done!


01/08/17 12:00:42PM @tcp:

Soothing and classy, with a production that's glassy. Pleasure to listen to guys. Really well done. /B

Gary Shukoski
01/08/17 02:37:37AM @gary-shukoski:

Shane! This is awesome! Love the extra little piano and guitar bits and your vocals are super soothing on this.


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