Time and Eternity

album: deep in the sky
genre: Anime
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 Imagine standing in a town square in 1720 ,   you are talking with the townspeople- telling them how everyone will have a cell phone,   children will have...
Time and Eternity
Lyrical Princess
05/30/11 10:47:19PM @lyrical-princess:
Love everything about this.. Starting with that picture.. Awesome..lyric, instrument & vocals.... Beautiful, Shane 5*****

05/30/11 10:39:05PM @david-c-deal:
So great to hear a new track by you Shane. Your vocals are always a breath of fresh air to me. Fine song.
05/29/11 12:33:32AM @digger-stone:
shane, you are an amazing singer! every one that knows you, knows this.....

great job bud..


05/29/11 08:26:01AM @lucindra:
When ever I see's like brand name know it's good! know you want and need it......put it in your cart !!....always a pleasure to hear your latest this guitar....and your vocals are as smooth as deliver the goods....great track !!
05/29/11 09:56:18PM @tlt50:
Shane....WTG..:) The backing are remarkable ..kudos to that artist.Pristine...imaginative....stellar production.Which is where your vocals and talents friend.....extrodinary track...Had to share this on FB... *****

Larry T


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