No secret (with Michael Styron)

album: Flesh and Blood
genre: Alternative
streams: 49

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No secret  -------with a wave of your hand   ----   nations will tremble   ----   and the mountains fall down at your presence   ----    but what about...
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No secret ----- MICHAEL STYRON:  Lead Guitar , electric and acoustic ----- SHANE:  Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangement etc. -----  Original music soundtrack, by...
No secret     (with Michael Styron)
02/06/19 09:00:53PM @winters-resurrection:
What a joy to hear this in its entirety! Top notch my friend, praise the Lord for what he has given us =)
Frank Northcutt
01/30/19 10:25:40AM @frank-northcutt:
Hey, Shane! Great to hear your voice again. You and Michael have done it again. Good song and production.
Farrell Jackson
01/29/19 09:40:21AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a fantastic mix, production and performances Shane and Michael ! Great vocals as always Shane. I like that you've placed your lead vocal upfront as your talent and the song calls for. Some nice harmonies and backing vocals. The delay and the chosen notes on the lead guitar are perfect. Nice one guys!


tony cee
01/28/19 06:48:35AM @tony-cee:
fantastic sound/mix vocal is superb, great guitar licks,overall sound super love it …...cheers …….tony cee
tony cee
01/28/19 06:40:40AM @tony-cee:
fantastic sound /mix ,vocal is superb , great guitar licks , overall sound super love .cheers ……..tony cee


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