Steve Gilmore and In No Sense
Steve Gilmore and In No Sense

Stand Up Strong

album: Roughneck
genre: Unknown
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Track one from 2017's Steve Gilmore and In No Sense album 'Roughneck'
Stand Up Strong
04/20/21 11:01:49PM @moquinn:
a song I liked 4 years ago ~ still like ~ makes you wanna smile & move

04/23/17 09:00:30PM @bigpete:
It has that unmistakable Gilmore Groove I love, makes you want to get up on the dancefloor, great production and clean arrangement, never too much just right. A fun track all around.
04/06/17 09:37:02PM @moquinn:
I love this track ~ heard it tonight on MixPosure radio with Trish Crawford DJ-ing & filling in for Joseph Rodriguez ~ song gotta make you feel good & wanna dance
04/05/17 03:43:13AM @cooter:
Congrats on SOTW, Steve.
04/04/17 04:01:55PM @lodato:
Strong beats dominate and sit perfectly. Nice arrangement and execution. Luv the guitar solo. Kudos on SOTW!!
Mista Perez
04/04/17 02:34:21PM @mista-perez:
Nice build up, and sense of a live feel. The recording is very crisp. Very well deserved as song of the week my friend.
01/30/17 07:16:33PM @steve-gilmore-and-in-no-sense:
Thanks cooter :)
01/29/17 11:33:44PM @cooter:
Driving bass line. Sparse to start. Tasteful air. Moving happily along. I dug this Steve. So well mixed, as always from you. The almost-duck-sound towards the end makes me smile. You rock, good sir!


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