Steve Gilmore and In No Sense
Steve Gilmore and In No Sense

Doin' Alright

album: Roughneck
genre: Unknown
streams: 32

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Track two from the Roughneck album is Doin' Alright.  Only 10 tracks to go
Doin' Alright
Doug Dickens
02/07/17 05:55:38PM @doug-dickens:
I could not say it any better than Farrell so I will add a two thumbs up and include it on tonight's showcase.
02/05/17 06:35:41PM @steve-gilmore-and-in-no-sense:
Thanks Farrell. Had a great time putting this album together and I think it shows in every track, wait until you hear some of the things I have in store :D
Farrell Jackson
02/04/17 07:58:58PM @farrell-jackson:
How cool is this song? Way Cooooool ! A very pristine recording and mix Steve. I like the give and take as it just rolls along like it's hasn't any cares at all, in no hurry to get any where, but we know it does and it will.....and there it is!



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