Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish


album: Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
genre: Acoustic Rock
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I was once content with living in the mean time Now the mean time is here to stay   Once or twice I knew that I was falling behind Now I’m stuck here in...
07/20/08 12:07:42PM @the-bard-brothers:
Great piano accompaniment here. Vocals are nice, though you may want to put them up front just a bit more. And maybe just atouch of reverb. How about some more subtle harmonies? I hear them coming in the end. This song has a great deal of meat to it, that's why I keep hearing things in it. Cool synth lead. Nice job.
07/16/08 08:27:18PM @mike-kohlgraf:
I don't think I've had the pleasure of listening to you music yet. Welcome to the Mix! First of all, what a nice opening with the acoustic! Nice full sound! Great opening sequence with the piano and the beat kicking in. This is a very cool piece from top to bottom. The production is super! Love the lyrics and the vocals are outstanding. You'll be on my show this Saturday July 19th! Saturday Night Rocks, starting at 8pm ET/USA!


Rob Grant
07/16/08 08:17:28PM @rayon-vert:
The synth on this song is very nice.........something about the vox on this track remind me of Ray Davies........A "Good Thing". I always liked him very much......I think it's the the laid back feel and emotion in the vox and the song.......it has a bit of the Kinks feel to it. I think this is my FAVE of yours........EXCELLENT track....and THANKS for sharing the DL......MUCH Appreciated.


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