Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish

Grip of Winter

album: Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
genre: Acoustic Rock
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Grip of Winter
07/20/08 06:54:28PM @the-bard-brothers:
Nice spacing in the intro instrumentation. Maracas are a nice touch. I have now begun to listen to the percussion. Like the other instrumentation... HARMONIES!!!! YES!!!! Wonderful... sorry had to comment on those when they came up. Anyway the percussion is significant but not overbearing.

The harmonies add wonderfully to the vocals here. The dry works especially well.

Another one in the bank.

07/19/08 03:06:25PM @dazed:
The music on this sounds excellent. Mixed very nicely. Bass has a nice rich deep tone and the acoustic sounds great. Chorus sounds great with the nice harmonies. Very nice. I am digging the piano and guitar solo!


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