Hells Knockin

album: Synthia
genre: Metal
streams: 203

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Synthia are back for another heavy hitter called "HELLS KNOCKIN" Metal Heads...get your fix on! Allison Stanton: Vocalist Rocker Hart: Guitars Rach...
Hells Knockin
carol sue
08/22/20 08:52:44PM @carol-sue:
My ears are soooooooo pleased!!
Magnificent tune and what a great collaboration of talents.
You two are on fire! Looking forward to hearing more, for sure!
***** ::encore:: ::bravo:: :)

07/16/20 08:09:33PM @admin:
superb! my head is still spinning from headphones being on. Nice job guys. Is it me or do the vox need to come up a bit in the mix?
07/14/20 11:31:36AM @darrendanahy:
This rocked my studio and for that matter, the whole house.. my world! A$$ kickin!
07/14/20 07:59:25AM @avmo:
On fire!
07/14/20 07:55:24AM @ronbowes:
Very 'eavy, very 'umble. Shakin' the speakers to pieces. Cool rocker - great vox by Allison and super job on the driving guitars.


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