Predator or Prey

album: Synthia
genre: Metal
streams: 176

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Welcome to our 8th studio track called "Predator or Prey" We bring you a Monster Metal Power Ballad and hope that you like it! Metal on our good friends!...
Predator or Prey
06/19/21 03:18:10AM @ceo:
Love this very much !!!
Michael Slider
05/28/21 03:28:32PM @michael-slider:
Love your band !
Gary Dabrowski
05/24/21 04:48:32PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great yooz guys and gal!
Queen Regina
05/24/21 05:54:02AM @queen-regina:
Wowzers, @Synthia I've called you the #MetalGodess simply because YOUVE GOT IT. In all honesty, I'm not a big heavy metal fan. Tho, I do listen, like, and appreciate the art, but YOU. YOU, I LOVE. I will listen to you all day. I love the positive lyrics and direct truth in them. Love the choir sounds and tender intro, fill, & outtro. A finely crafted musical masterpiece. You are #Fabutastic #QueenReginaPickhit
05/24/21 04:15:25AM @ronbowes:
Best yet Synthia. Rock on!
05/24/21 01:23:12AM @digger-stone:
so fantastic. nntsnm... youve come so far as a group its mind blowing.

amazing on all parts.
congrats guys!

Farrell Jackson
05/23/21 05:28:23PM @farrell-jackson:
\m/ \m/ you all have this style and sound down pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/23/21 04:48:25PM @lorne-reid:
Great track Crew!!! Sounds wicked!!! Cheers!


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