Terry Martin
Terry Martin

Came into my life

album: A Storm IS Brewing
genre: Rock
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Came into my life
12/11/08 07:55:03PM @avalanche:
Hi Terry...

Nice to see you here at Mixposure. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the air as a DJ again...after all...that's how we met.

I'm glad you still have this track. It was fun for me to hang out with you and Nancy a few Christmases ago to arrange this one for you. I still like the mix I did for you back then a bit better...but at least the track is still here...and that's a good thing....cause it's a cool song about how you and Nancy actually met back in high school. The vocals always were great on this one...and I like the drum tracks you ended up with, too.

To all of the guys who posted here about the guitar work on this one...I thank you all very much...and I'm glad you all enjoyed what I did on this one. Stephanie Krowka also played the great bass on this track...and I know I speak for her too when I say that we both enjoyed collabing with you on this one...Terry.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

Rob Grant
08/31/08 04:30:29PM @rayon-vert:
Some mean guitar work and tone on the intro..........the song is very good and the vocals are GREAT!!! Actually, I LOVE your guitar work.....WHEW!!!! SUPER JOB!!! Welcome to MIXPOSURE, Terry!!!

08/31/08 04:06:14PM @dazed:
guitar work and musicianship on this track are very good. I thought the arrangement on here was also good!
12/06/08 03:59:58AM @mike-lynn:
Very good intro guitar setting the stage for this nice song. Good mix & vocals.


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