The Gigglefits
The Gigglefits
The Gigglefits

Make Me Cry

album: The Gigglefits
genre: Alt Folk
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The Gigglefits - Make Me Cry
 Make Me Cry
carol sue
12/14/20 10:51:27AM @carol-sue:
You're most welcome, Regina & Tony! :)
I totally adore your positive spirits and music collaborations.
Now.. that's a strong love you two have. Kudos!!

The Gigglefits
12/14/20 10:46:26AM @the-gigglefits:
Thank you for your kind words @avmo:
Queen Regina
12/14/20 10:36:28AM @queen-regina:
@Carol-Sue, Wow, Thank you for the kind words & welcoming of our music. Blessing back to you. Thank you for the wonderful review.
The Gigglefits
12/14/20 10:35:34AM @the-gigglefits:
Thank you @carol-sue: for your support
carol sue
12/14/20 09:15:39AM @carol-sue:
Heartfelt and emotional lyrics and singing.
Married with the guitar stylings of Tony.. make for a Gigglefits original hit!

Merry Christmas, Regina + Tony! :) Blessings!

Queen Regina
12/14/20 05:03:20AM @queen-regina:
Thank you @Avmo, Appreciate your time in listening, commenting and will change the genre from alt country to folk.Thanks
12/13/20 08:34:20AM @avmo:
Very poignant. Nicely done guys. Although I would call this folk as opposed to Alt Country. Very raw, intense!


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